• The magic of the Snowy Mountains. Photo: Mike Edmonson
    The magic of the Snowy Mountains. Photo: Mike Edmonson

If you're looking for a bucket-list walk to do in the panoramic Snowy Mountains how about walking the top ten peaks in Australia?

All ten peaks are located in the southern end of the Kosciuszko NP, NSW and most can be accessed from Thredbo Village with the remaining peaks from nearby Charlotte Pass. The top ten peaks are:

  • 1. Mt Kosciuszko, 2228m
  • 2. Mt Townsend, 2209m
  • 3. Mt Twynam, 2195m
  • 4. Rams Head, 2190m
  • 5. Etheridge Ridge Peak, 2180m
  • 6. Rams Head North, 2177m
  • 7. Alice Rawson, 2160m
  • 8. Abbot Peak, 2159m
  • 9. Abbot Peak East, 2145m
  • 10. Carruthers Peak, 2145m

Alpine guide and professional photographer Mike Edmondson knows the area like the back of his hand and can show you the best and safest way to explore this wonderful part of the country.

Clients have the choice to base their walk from lodge accommodation in Jindabyne or camping in the mountains. With many clients organising their own private fun small group of 4-5 friends.

The camping option is popular for those wishing to camp close to the peaks in scenic locations. Walk to the peaks with light day packs and watch the sun set and rise from camp.

The four-day program allows time to enjoy the wonderful alpine scenery, without feeling you need to rush off to the next summit. The combined height of all ten peaks is 21,788 metres (although you won’t actually ascend that height).

The ten summits challenge is a great way to get fit, explore the magnificent Kosciuszko NP and prepare for a longer trek in Nepal or elsewhere. More info click here.

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