• Mount Fuji. Max Bender/Unsplash
    Mount Fuji. Max Bender/Unsplash

As the challenges of mass tourism affect many cities around the world, one Japanese town is taking matters into its own hands.

A huge black barrier to block iconic Mount Fuji from view will be installed in a popular photo spot by Japanese authorities exasperated by crowds of badly behaved foreign tourists.

Construction of the mesh net — 2.5m high and the length of a cricket pitch at 20m — will begin this week, an official from Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture told the Japan Times.

"It's regrettable we have to do this, because of some tourists who can't respect rules," leaving litter behind and ignoring traffic regulations, he told the paper.

Some tourism have been climbing the roofs of local shops to get a better view and parking illegally.

It is the latest direct action in Japan against overtourism after residents of Kyoto's geisha district banned visitors from small private alleys this year.

Record numbers of overseas tourists are traveling to the country, where monthly visitors exceeded 3 million in March for the first time ever.

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