• St Mary's Peak, Flinders Ranges SA. Photo_Julie Fletcher
    St Mary's Peak, Flinders Ranges SA. Photo_Julie Fletcher

Wilderness Photographer of the Year, presented by southern Ocean Walk judge Julie Fletcher offers her top tips for entries into the photo competition.

GRW: As a judge in the Wilderness Photographer of the Year awards what are you looking for in a stand-out image?
Images that are fresh in content, not cliched, and well executed in camera and post production. Show me this and a story in the shot and you will definitely have an attention grabber.

GRW: Name a common mistake that photographers should avoid?
Including too much in an image can makes a weak subject and also too busy. Your eye just does not no were to land. Over-exposing the highlights is another common mistake meaning there is very little or no detail in the lighter areas, normally the sky is the culprit. Less is more is my golden rule. As a general guide and also depending on the subject use the rule of thirds. One third of the shot sky and the rest foreground interest.

GRW: Can you get a competitive image from a camera phone?
Phone cameras take great shots too but they are limited, so be aware of your limitations with camera settings and post production, explore these and practice and you can still achieve winning shots.

GRW: How important is it to have a ‘subject’ in an image?
Its Crucial to have a subject or "hero" something in your image to achieve not only a great shot that draws you in and adds an element of depth to the composition. When you are out and about think in terms of creating a shot not just taking it. This will get you a step closer to a winning shot.

GRW: What’s the best advice when shooting in wet or overcast weather?
Be prepared for rain so you and your gear stays dry and keep an open mind. Challenge yourself and embrace it, some of my favourite shots were taken in these conditions. These soft even lighting conditions can still create magic light or a strong black and white image. Wet conditions also enhance colours on surfaces like foliage and rocks and trees.

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