• There's the culprit!
    There's the culprit!

A New Zealand family got an unexpected bird's eye view of a trail they had just hiked in Fiordland National Park, South Island, after a mischievous parrot stole their GoPro and took flight.

The Verheul family, from Dunedin in the southeast of the country, had just finished exploring part of the Kepler Track when a kea - a native New Zealand species - grabbed their GoPro and flew off over woodland.

They had turned on the device to film a group of the curious birds, who had joined them outside of the hut they were staying at.

But one cheeky kea took flight with it, capturing aerial footage of the landscape before settling on some ground and tapping at the gadget repeatedly with its beak.

At one point, the bird can be seen ripping off a chunk of plastic from the camera casing. Remarkably, the GoPro survived its ordeal - a family member heard the clamour and ran in the direction of the squawking to recover it.

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