• Australian Desert Expeditions
    Australian Desert Expeditions

Australian Desert Expeditions (ADE) is a tour company with a difference. Firstly, they take you to places not many people have been to – the heart of Central Australian desert, and secondly they use pack camels to carry all the provisions required for a multi-day expedition.

The ADE's heritage stretches back to 1860/61 when camels were brought to Australia for the Burke and Wills Expedition. Prior to 1860 horses were used for major inland explorations and as the explorers encountered the great deserts it was very quickly realised that camels would be the only way to effectively explore the continent as they would be best suited to the dry conditions.

Although Burke and Wills succeeded in crossing the continent, the expedition ultimately ended in disaster as a combination of ill-timing and incompetence resulted in the deaths of several of the party including both Burke & Wills themselves at Cooper Creek in South Australia in April 1861.

Nevertheless, the value of camel-based exploring was guaranteed and exploration of Australia by the 1890's was of a completely different nature from that of the preceding decades. The last unknown areas were now being closed in and the overall approach was changing to scientific research.

Fast forward to today and ADE continues to show people a different side of our continent and as this video shows this is a trip you'll be talking about for a long time. For more info click here.

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