• Walking a Camino. Jon Tyson/Unsplash
    Walking a Camino. Jon Tyson/Unsplash

People have been walking Europe’s iconic Camino pilgrim walks for hundreds of years and doing it in many ways – guided, independent, all in one go or over the course of their lives.

Some people have the time - and need - to walk the whole thing, while others want to experience just a part of it. Some people are prepared to give up their creature comforts while others still value a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed in a room of their own.

It’s up to you how you want to tackle Camino and there is no one right way, they are all valid.

And if your choice is to experience the Camino on a pack-free guided walk here are a few reasons why that’s a good way to go.

You don’t get locked into a 30km itinerary that you have to complete every day – especially when the weather in Spain can be brutal. Also there’s a lot of road walking which can be hard on the body and after a while a lot of the farmland looks similar.

Life’s an Adventure offer two guides – offering the chance to vary the walk each day to the conditions of the weather and terrain. On any day you can choose a longer or shorter walk, or if you want to take a break from walking you can enjoy a free day to explore the main town or city at your own pace.

Life’s An Adventure has chosen the most popular Camino routes offering routes from 5 to 18 days (by combining 2 or 3 routes), so you can choose your length of pilgrimage, travelling from as far as France, or shorter walks across Spain or from Portugal.

Accommodation on the Camino can be sub-standard at the best of times. Pilgrims share busy dorms with other walkers and while this can a lovely experience and a way to make friends not everyone wants to contend with snorers, creaky old beds and communal bathrooms.

The people at Life’s An Adventure have walked their Camino routes and, in each region, have handpicked the best accommodation available.

For example, in Arzua on the Way of St James, they have a feature stay at the elegant Pazo de Brandeso Country Club, a 14th century Spanish mansion. Whilst the last evening you spend at the exclusive Parador Hotel. These grand hotels offer the utmost in comfort and luxury as well as a superior dining experience.

Speaking of food, when you are in another country, discovering the local cuisine is one of the delights of travelling. All of Life’s An Adventure’s meals feature fresh local produce and wines from each region. After all, the culinary experience should be as important as the walking! And as the saying goes: “Good wine revives the pilgrim”!

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