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The Via Francigena Camino is not for the feint hearted. It begins in England at Canterbury, and continues through France, Switzerland and Italy ending in Rome.

Ariving in Rome. Image supplied.
Arriving in Rome. Image supplied.

‘Via Francigena’ means road through France. In medieval times pilgrims and travellers walked this road to travel from England to Rome. Today’s pilgrims take great pleasure in walking in the footsteps of pilgrims’ past.

It takes about three months to walk the whole 2000km. Pilgrims carry a Pilgrim Passport or Credential which is stamped at each overnight stay. Upon arrival at St Peter’s Basilica a Testimonium is given to those who have stamped pilgrim Credentials.

Canterbury Cathedral. Image supplied.
Canterbury Cathedral. Image supplied.

People walk the Via Francigena for a variety of reasons. Some like to be traditional pilgrims and walk long distances with a spiritual focus. Their Montefiascone to Rome tour satisfies this need.

This walk takes in the scenic Lazio countryside with its many historic, medieval cities and towns. It satisfies the requirement of walking the last 100 km to Rome to receive the Testimonium. Those brave enough to walk the whole way are also congratulated by the Pope himself.

Grant St Bernard Pass. Image supplied.
Grant St Bernard Pass. Image supplied.

Via Francigena Tours offers packaged tours for the most popular walks. They also design self-guided tours to cater for individual or group needs.

Best of all are their guided tours designed to have less walking by being chauffeured to the highlights.

‘Taste of Tuscany’ enables pilgrims to enjoy cities like Florence and Siena, castles, food, wine, and history.

Les Fourgs. Image supplied.
Les Fourgs. Image supplied.

The operator is introducing new tours along the Via Francigena focusing on highlights like art, gardens and castles. New tours underway are ‘Sacred Art of Lazio’, ‘Cinque Terre’, and ‘Castles and Gardens’.

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