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Peter Ryan of Wild Trek Tours says clients like to push themselves mentally and physically on the track.

"As a kid we did not do much bushwalking, but over the years I developed a passion for the outdoors and the physical challenge of hiking in wilderness areas. My first serious hike was in Nepal on the Annapurna Circuit, followed by the Darien Gap linking North and South America around Panama and Columbia. Many treks followed in Australia, NZ and PNG.

I have trekked Kokoda multiple times, each time learning more about the trail and the history. My father fought there in 1942 so I have a real connection. I decided to turn my passion into a business, and initially added Kokoda, quickly followed by other hikes I had done in the past from both Tasmania and Victoria.

Our clients get to experience PNG - with Kokoda, the Black Cat Track, Bulldog Track, and Shaggy Ridge. In beautiful Tassie we take them through the World famous Overland Track, and the wild and remote South Coast Track and the South West Cape.

In Victoria we trek the tough Northern Circuit at Wilsons Prom, and a number of overnight treks. Each trek presents its own highlights, from the moving dawn service at the Isaeva battlesite in PNG, to the unspoilt and remote areas of Tassie.

Trekkers get to push themselves both physically and mentally, and it is great to see a common bond develop with a group as they band together to push through and complete each trek as one.

Our treks are in areas not frequented by many – they are remote and untamed. Trekkers turn off their phones and other devices before we start (hard for some) and soak up the scenery and the atmosphere and hopefully get a different perspective on life

Guided tours offer a well organised adventure, with all the planning and logistics completed for you. Trekkers get to literally just come along and take up the challenge and enjoy. In PNG we get the added bonus of local guides and porters to carry all the gear and take care of camp set up, cooking and more."

Words_ Peter Ryan

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