• Cathedral Gorge
    Cathedral Gorge

Park Trek has announced they are adding some new scheduled treks for 2021.

Fancy sleeping under the stars in Australia's far west and by day exploring untouched regions?

WA's Kimberley region is known for large swaths of wilderness defined by rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, semi-arid savanna and a largely isolated coastline. One of the most geologically, ecologically and biologically diverse regions on our planet, guaranteed to impress!

Park Trek is offering a 10-day, pack-free walking & camping tour with about 62km of walking.

The trip starts and ends in Kununurra. On tour you are sure to love the breathtaking sights and picturesque scenery of this ancient land. See wallabies, dingoes, kangaroos, crocodiles, lizards and an incredibly diverse birdlife.

2021 Dates- SALE Price- $3,450 (SAVE $400pp)
Ex Kununurra, WA- 10 Days
Departure Dates: 27th July, 19th August, 31st August 2021

2022 Dates available for a LIMITED season - $3,850pp
Ex Kununurra, WA - 10 Days
Departure Dates: 18th May, 30th May, 30th July 2022

For more info click here.

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