• Walk Travel Advisory clients hiking the magnificent Dolomites. Image supplied.
    Walk Travel Advisory clients hiking the magnificent Dolomites. Image supplied.

Cathy Henderson, director of Walk Travel Advisor talks walking holidays and why travel agencies still have an important role in our lives.

We created Walk Travel Advisory as we saw a gap in the travel market. Whilst there were travel agencies specialising in skiing, diving or cruising, there were no travel agencies dedicated to walking holidays.

There has been a significant shift in the travel industry towards experiential and slower travel. Walking holidays fall squarely within this important category. However, the exponential growth in the number of walk operators and multi-day walk itineraries can make it difficult for walkers to find the right product for their needs. We aim to match clients with a suitable walking itinerary that is run by an experienced and reliable operator at a competitive price.

Our main role is to assist clients as a travel advisory and agency. We help people find the walk, the itinerary and the walk operator that best suits them. This usually involves engagement with clients so we understand their preferences and they learn of the options. Once a walking trip is chosen, we book for our clients.

We also maintain our website as a helpful resource of walking information for those considering a walking holiday. Our ever-expanding website currently covers Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Ireland and various parts of Western Europe.
In these days of impersonal internet travel bookings, we offer the reassurance that your trip is arranged by experienced walkers operating an accredited travel agency. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, professional and efficient travel services. This has resulted in many return customers.

We understand the essential components required for a successful walking holiday. We offer in-depth knowledge of a wide range of walking destinations, tracks and itineraries (both guided and self-guided). Because we know the walks well and are not confined to the walks offered by one walk operator, we can help find the walk that best suits a client. This involves considering many factors including the difficulty of the terrain, daily kilometres/hours, accommodation options, inclusions and pricing.

We also know the walking tour operators. There are a multitude of operators out there and they all differ. It’s difficult and time consuming for DIYers to identify the important differences. We have the combined benefits of an extensive database, personal walking experience, client feedback and industry intel.

England’s Lake District is a resounding favourite with our clients. Similarly, my family and friends have been drawn back to this remarkable walking region, time and again. It offers a marvellous variety of walking terrain. You can challenge yourself on Helvellyn and Striding Edge Ridge or you can stick to the lush valleys and easier mountain passes. Likewise, you can incorporate idyllic villages and feast on scones and clotted cream or you can visit the lesser-known lakes and stay in wonderful remote locations.

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