Check out these piston-equipped hiking boots!

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Well this is a first. Piston-equipped hiking boots!

Terrein Footwear is a new brand claiming to make advancements in foot and ankle safety when traversing steep inclines or rocky landscapes.

The company’s Terrein Ascent hiking boot features "adaptive ankle protection" thanks to the patented Betterguards technology that prevents the type of twists and turns that cause injury, appareantly reacting three times faster than what your body is capable of, locking up your ankle and stopping you from making it worse.

This is made possible by an intelligent fluid system that stiffens within a few milliseconds if critical movements are made too quickly and then immediately returns to its flexible initial state.

But don’t fear, the 'pistons' inside won’t kick in until they’re needed. Prior to that, you’ll have a free natural range of motion so you can enjoy your hike.

Terrein Ascent hiking boot
Terrein Ascent hiking boot

Terrein boots are built in such a way that your ankle may never have to test out the tech in the first place. The outsole is made for gripping tracks, whether going up or downhill.

The shoes are also built with cushioned midsoles that absorb and return energy with the best of them. Unlike a lot of closed hiking boots that are water-resistant, the Terrein manages to repel liquid while also providing unbelievable breathability in the process.

Release dates for the piston-equipped hiking boot has not yet been announced but it'l be interested to see how the boot goes in the market.

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