• Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate baselayer
    Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate baselayer

Great Walks loves to see new outdoor gear coming onto the market and the latest product is the Japanese-designed and manufactured Zerofit Heartrub Ultimate baselayer.

It’s coming here just in time for winter or any other time of the year when you’re experiencing cool climate walking – we’re looking at you Tassie!

Now, we’re yet to get our hands on this new garment (we should have a full review next issue) but when the website claims it’s "the most technically advanced range of base layers in the world", this really perked up our interest. It also claims a traditional baselayer simply seals in body heat but does not generate it.

"Not only does Heatrub seal in all that important body heat," says the website, "it’s instantly warm and most importantly it creates its own heat due to the unique fibres inside the garment." Or as the website says, it’s all about ‘science friction’! (Dad joke!)

The website claims: "Other baselayers focus on compression as the fundamental part of heat retention so they have to be super tight, restricting your movement. The Ultimate moves with you, so you can do more and be more active.” So how does it do this all-important role?

Zerofit has developed ‘heat threads’ on the inside of the garment that are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate heat instantly. Sounds dreamy!

It's also woven to stretch in all directions and permeable to allow moisture to wick away and evaporate while retaining the warmth. Wicking keeps the heat in and the wet out. We like that. And we also like the price - $129.95.

Website: zerofit.com.au

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