• Black Eye Lens Travel Kit
    Black Eye Lens Travel Kit

Great Walks reviews the Black Eye Lens Travel Kit. So what is it? The kit is made up of three clip-on lenses that boost the range of photos you can take with your phone, iPad or laptop.

The three lenses in the kit are a fisheye 120° wide angle, 60mm portrait lens and a lens for macro-photography – all made with high quality materials and attention to detail.

I can see how these would attract people with a busy Instagram account as it offers a lot more range of images they can take. I particularly like the fisheye as you can cram a lot of horizon in with the lens.

I didn't use the portrait lens as my iPhone already has a portrait feature but if your phone doesn't then this lens is great for sharpening the subject whilst blurring the background. Once again great for Instagram.

The macro lenses - allowing you to focus 15X closer - was fun to play with as you could up focus on the tiniest object. I enjoyed taking close-up photos of colourful flowers. You could really see the details but you do need a steady hand!

The lenses comes in a compact zip-up pack which takes up little room in a pack or a pocket.

We also received a handy tripod that can act as a selfie-stick and it came with a bluetooth remote so you can set up the shot and be in it. I did like that feature.

RRP: $129.95 each or as part of a Pro kit $369.95


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