• Panda Child Carrier Review
    Panda Child Carrier Review

Scott Thomas and baby Harper test out the Panda Child Carrier.

"Choosing a child carrier is so different than choosing a traditional backpack. For starters, your cargo is so much more precious, although unfortunately, often an awkward shape for carrying on your back … and it moves!

We all know how to carefully pack a backpack, with the weight low down and close to your hips. This doesn’t apply to a child carrier. Unless you flip your kid upside-down (not recommended), the weight will be at the top and away from your pack. It’s not ideal, but it’s what makes choosing a well-designed child carrier so important.

I’ve been testing the Panda Child Carrier on some local walks around the Blue Mountains in NSW. I’m lucky that my youngest, 3-year-old Harper, enjoys being carried in a pack, although she also enjoys playing bongo drums on my head!

This is the second child carrier I’ve used and by the far the best. Despite the challenges that come with carrying another human on your back over rough and hilly ground through the bush, the Panda Child Carrier did a fantastic job of keeping Harper steady and comfortable on my back. I was able to have her there for longer stints without taking it on and off for breaks.

The carrier is reasonably light at 2.8kg and is suitable for kids from 7 months up to about 20kg (Harper weighs 13kg). It features a retractable stand to help make loading your kid easier on the ground. There are also some spacious zippered pockets for carrying food and gear and a sun shade which packs away when not in use.

There’s also space for a small water bladder and drink holders for bottles. The all important harness is adjustable and really easy to use.

All up, the Panda Child Carrier is a well-built, comfortable and safe carrier. I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys taking their young kids off the beaten track."

RRP: $390
Website: pandacarrier.com.au
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