• This is a very cosy tent.
    This is a very cosy tent.

It's not often you get to review a tent that's been designed by your favourite actor but Oscar winner and star of True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey has teamed up with Wild Turkey and trendy Aussie camping brand Homecamp to come up with the Trust Your Spirit tent.

Now you might think this is a bit of a gimmick but the association with McConaughey is very smart. When he's not acting, he's known for being an outdoorsy, camping sort of guy and after putting up the tent I reckon he has a good eye for detail.

Ok so what's the tent like? Well, it's a two-person tent made out of cotton and poly canvas, sort of like a lightweight canvas but still strong and durable. The tent is 3.5m long, 2.1m wide and the pitch is 1.5m – which is very generous for two-person tent, but as it weighs 11kg gross this is definitely a car camping tent.

The tent is easy to put up.
The tent is easy to put up.

Apparently, it's inspired by the 'shelter half' tent which was used by a long line of explorers and pioneers. Shelter half? Basically, the sides of the tent open up instead of the ends. What's good about that is you can sit in the tent and admire the view in front of you instead of having to peak through the little entrance at the end of a traditional tent. It's the perfect festival tent (which isn't really camping, but whatever).

It's fairly easy to put up but you'll need two people. One horizontal roof pole is supported by two main side poles that all fit inside the tent and once you tighten guy ropes that go off the side poles and put pegs in the tent’s four corner loop straps that can be individually tightened, everything should stay in place.

It's then a matter of choosing which side of the tent you want opened for the view and this becomes your awning which is held up with another set of poles and guy ropes. Both sides have a separate mesh layer with their own zip closure so you can enjoy the airflow without the bugs. There was plenty of room for two people and their gear.

The tent is all about the views it offers.
The tent is all about the views it offers.

Just 150 of the tents are on sale to the public with proceeds from the sales going to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife to support ongoing bushfire regeneration efforts. Oh, and the tent comes built-in with Matthew McConaughey’s very own narrated campfire stories that can be unlocked via a QR code on the tent’s exterior.

Now, at a nudge over a grand this is a lot for this type of tent (our family tent which sleeps four cost about $800) but then the people who’ll buy this will have a limited edition tent that will be admired by all the other campers or festival goers around them and they’ll have Matthew McConaughey’s dulcet tones to go to sleep to.

RRP: $1044
Website: homecamp.com.au

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