• The Herman Miller Hiking Backpack by Judar Design
    The Herman Miller Hiking Backpack by Judar Design

The Herman Miller Hiking Backpack by Judar Design looks more like a prop for a Star Wars Stormtrooper than something you'd take bush but it certainly perked up our interest.

Inspired by its namesake Herman Miller, a brand known for its chunky and funky office furniture designs, this concept backpack would certsinly have you staning out inthe crowd!

The solid structure on the outside – just like one of Herman Miller's signature office chairs – provides protection from any bumps when important breakable stuff is inside.

It's suited for city commuters who have to carry their laptop and other important stuff safely, as well as, bushwalkers and campers who need a robust, waterproof rucksack to haul the load.

It has two main separate sections to keep your stuff organised. On the inside, there is a sleeve for laptops, tablets and more pockets to carry along smaller accessories.

There’s a lumbar pad and ventilation system to keep things comfortable.

The hip belt reinforced with the solid structural material also able support when you are going out on extended trips. The design is still in the concept stage and comes in peppy colors including – cool blue, pristine brown, light grey.

You never know, youjustmight see a fellow bushwalker wearing one sometime!

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