• Wilsons Prom is one of the day walk destinations.
    Wilsons Prom is one of the day walk destinations.

A 10km fence to keep out foxes, deers and cats will be built across the Yanakie isthmus on Victoria’s Wilsons Promontory to create a 50,000-hectare native wildlife sanctuary.

The Guardian reports that the $6m fence is designed to protect vulnerable species including ground parrots, the southern brown bandicoot and long-nosed potoroo in the national park, south-east of Melbourne.

Parks Victoria chief conservation scientist Mark Norman said the funding would help reshape the national park into a 50,000-hectare sanctuary.

“The development of this predator and deer-proof fence across the narrow entrance to the park allows us to really create a wildlife haven at a huge scale. We’ll stop the wave of feral pests and really protect the special wildlife living there.”

The fence will allow Parks Victoria to focus on eradicating any pests or predators inside the park.

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