• Australia’s second highest toilet opens
    Australia’s second highest toilet opens

Australia’s second highest toilet Seamans Hut Toilet (2020m) is open.

Addressing a long term human waste management problem and issue, the new sealed vault pump out toilet along with those at Rawson Pass provides a year round, 4-season option for responsible toileting for the thousands of day visitors in this popular area of Kosciuszko National Park.

The toilets design, and steel and stone construction is in keeping and sympathetic to the heritage and aesthetics values of the historic Seamans hut and its surrounding alpine landscape.

Visitors are requested not to put or dispose of anything into these or other Park toilets other than human waste and toilet paper.
Any rubbish or other materials such as baby nappies or feminine hygiene products can block the pump out system, so it is important that these items should be bagged and carried out and disposed of appropriately outside the park.

Overnight walkers, skiers and campers to the main range area above the treeline should be practising minimum impact, leave no trace toileting practices, including having there own backcountry toileting system of carrying out all their waste for off-site disposal.

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