• The croc.
    The croc.

A group of campers have been left shocked after waking to find a giant crocodile outside their caravan in a popular Darwin camping spot.

Nine News reports campers at the aptly named Dundee Beach Holiday Park were woken by yelling after a 2.5m crocodile sauntered to the bottom of one family's caravan steps.

"They didn't know what was going on at first because they were asleep, they thought what was all this commotion outside and people talking right outside their van, and they went to come outside and we yelled 'don't come out there's a croc'," witness Nyomi Hogan said.

Fishing guide Kurt Williamson managed to trap the beast before rangers were able to remove it. It's the first time a crocodile has been spotted at the campsite.

"First time for me and for the other guys on the croc team finding one in the middle of a caravan park," ranger Jaylan Marshall said.

"In the middle of the Dundee it's pretty uncommon, it's never happened before that we know of. With the dogs and the food from the barbeques and everything like that, the smells would sort of entice him to come in as well."

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