• Malabar Headland NP
    Malabar Headland NP

NSW Police dispersed a large gathering at Malabar Headland NP in the coastal suburb of Malabar on Saturday night, arresting a 27-year-old allegedly in possession of cocaine, LSD and cannabis.

Locals are up in arms over an increase in illegal raves taking place in the national park.

“Police will work closely with officers from Randwick City Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service to target these events and prosecute offenders accordingly,” Eastern Beaches Police Acting Superintendent Samantha Fordy said.

“The local community and environment are also being impacted by the noise and the rubbish left behind.”
Friends of Malabar Headland chairman David Pyett said the surge in parties in the area was a "disaster" for endangered bushland in the area.

“It is increasing. It is a disaster for us,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“(Party goers) go off into the bush wherever they feel like it and it is not just rubbish they leave behind it is human excrement.

“We try and explain to people that the Eastern Suburbs banksia scrub there is extremely endangered.

“The more they ignore it the more we are just going to lose it … it is excruciatingly special.”

Malabar Headland National Park offers dramatic coastal views and walks between Maroubra and Malabar beaches, in Sydney's east.

The western section of the park is open year-round. The eastern section is closed when ANZAC Rifle Range is in use so check safety messages and alerts before visiting.

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