• Golden bandicoots
    Golden bandicoots

Sturt NP in the far north-west corner of NSW is being transformed into an environmental sanctuary, thanks to a project dedicated to bringing back native animals that once called the area home.

The ABC reports the 10-year Wild Deserts program, headed by the state government and the University of New South Wales, has seen 27 wild, native golden bandicoots relocated from the shrubs of the West Australian interior.

With the help of Ruth Wongawol and Valdera Morgan, two Indigenous Martu rangers from WA, ecologists Reece Pedler and Rebecca West have guided the animals' journey to successful reintegration into a pest-free enclosure.

"We know that they were here before, and in fact they were about one of two dozen species of small mammals that have disappeared from this part of the country," Dr Pedler said.

The Martu Wiluna women – who are rangers for the Tarlka Matuwa and Piarku Martu Aboriginal Corporation – watched over the animals, as they travelled in a box on a plane to reach their destination.

"We were very happy to see the animals come out of the box, we were a bit frightened they might die on the way, but they were good all the way from Wiluna," Ms Wongawol said.

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