• June-July issue. Photo_Mike Edmondson
    June-July issue. Photo_Mike Edmondson

The Great Walks June-July issue is on ita way to newsagents and subscribers today!

The theme of the issue is 'seize the day', that famous mantra to remind you that each day needs for be embraced - and this issue embraces all that is great about exploring the outdoors.

Stories include snowshoeing in the Snowy mountaons, exploring a wonderful 6-day traverse in Victoria's High Country and we check to guided walks along SA's Southern Ocean Walks and WA's Cape to Cape Track.

We also venture into the heart of Antarctica to discover a piece of Australian history frozen in time. The is a harsh environment and the risks are high.

"Life on a deep field expedition is a simple affair," writes David Killock. "We are preoccupied with the simplest challenges of human existence: stay alive, don’t get hurt, stay fed and drink plenty of water."

We then head across to the UK to walk Hadrian's Wall that the Roman's built 1900 years ago.

"With a backdrop of vast moor and farmland, the Vellum and Wall, turrets and milecastles now become part of the landscape," writes Anne Waddington-Feather. "The route also has pockets of woodland and includes the site of the Battle of Heavenfield, AD 634, now a rather pleasant field."

In our Walksmart section we review outershell jackets and showcase some new gear including a new brand of baselayer clothes, Zerofit.

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