• Some friendly locals you'll meet on your trip.
    Some friendly locals you'll meet on your trip.

Tour operator Heritage Expeditions has much more on offer in its popular Southern Hemisphere expedition program for 2015-2016.

Along with the popular activities already established, Heritage Expeditions has added new itineraries providing travellers with unique experiences.

Accommodating 50 passengers, The Spirit of Enderby allows travellers to visit remote locations that are often ‘off limits’ and off-the-beaten-track to those who are not scientists.

Accompanied by a talented team of naturalists, biologists, and human history experts, participants are informed and educated along every step of the voyage, providing insight and understanding for people to wholly enjoy their trip.

Many of the islands visited along the voyage rarely see outsiders and tourist ships, so the group size of The Spirit of Enderby does not overwhelm native villagers or islands, and passengers are warmly welcomed and treated as personal guests by the local people.

As well as including two of the most popular expeditions ‘Melanesia Discoverer’ and ‘Secrets of Melanesia;’ Heritage Expeditions have included the ‘Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific,’ a short eight-day voyage introducing Subantarctic life visiting the Snares, Auckland and Campbell Islands.

The longest voyage on offer is the ‘In the Wake of Scott & Shackleton,’ involving a 30-day Antarctica Ross Sea expedition.

Some voyages include specialized excursions where passengers can partake their own passion, such as sea kayaking.

Heritage Expeditions have been visiting the historic Antarctic region for over 20 years, with a record of landings visiting the restored huts of the early Antarctic explorers.

To see a calendar of the voyages click here.

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