• Space junk
    Space junk

A third piece of space junk has been found in the NSW Snowy Mountains, believed to be linked to a SpaceX craft.

Two other pieces of debris were recently found by farmers at neighbouring properties in Numbla Vale, after a loud bang was heard in the region on July 9.

The sonic boom was believed to be caused by the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which was launched in November 2020, re-entering Earth's atmosphere.

One piece of the junk was embedded deep in the ground and was estimated to be about three metres long.

The third piece of debris was discovered and photographed by a Moondah resident on July 14, reports msm.com

It wasn't until the ABC's coverage of the space junk in late July that the owner came forward.

News of the discoveries also led to a visit from technical experts at the Australian Space Agency and NSW Police on Saturday.

"The agency is actively working to support formal identification of the objects, and is engaging with our counterparts in the US," an agency spokesperson said.

"If the community spots any further suspected debris they should contact local police in the first instance."

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