• Chancellor Hut in NZ
    Chancellor Hut in NZ

If you want to cross the ditch and walked any of NZ's Great Walks or other marvelous walking trails you can know book online for the 2020/21 however prices have gone up for parks entry and huts fees.

Price changes for the coming year include differential pricing for international visitors on seven Great Walks, the extension of the use of seasonal pricing, and the introduction of weekend pricing for a small number of DOC’s (Dept of Conservation) most high-use huts.

“These changes have been in the pipeline for several years now and many prices, such as for the Backcountry Hut, haven’t changed for a decade," says DOC Heritage and Visitors Director, Steve Taylor.

"Although the changes do include some modest price increases (from $NZ1 to $NZ5 per night in most instances), there are still lots of free or lower-cost options. People can visit DOC’s website or visitor centres to find an opportunity to suit their needs.”

“DOC manages a huge, world-class network of huts, campsites, cabins and lodges offering people the chance to stay overnight in some of the most scenic spots in Aotearoa,” says Taylor.

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