• A koala wearing the K-Tracker.
    A koala wearing the K-Tracker.

Product development specialists, LX Design House, has developed a koala tracking device that is helping protect our threatened national species.

Designed specifically for koalas and their unique habitat, it's the only device in the market that allows researches to track the koalas behaviour as populations are dramatically decreasing in QLD and NSW.

As a Sydney Engineering Excellence Award finalist, LX Design House has made changes to the current bulky tracking device that is fitted around the koala's neck.

Their K-Tracker is a pendant-style necklace that allows koalas to sleep naturally, tucking their chin to their chest, as the bulkiness of the previous design stopped them from doing so.

As well as allowing koalas to behave naturally, the K-Tracker provides a highly accurate and real-time data that is monitored via a web interface.

Currently being worn on hundreds of koalas in QLD, the K-Tracker monitors their health and activity levels, detecting their behaviour induced by large infrastructures surrounding their natural habitat.

It's aims are to ensure that the koalas can co-exist successfully with the necessary state infrastructures across Australia.

This project is one of f49 finalist recognised in the annual Excellence Awards. The GM of Engineers Australia's Sydney Division, Steve Finlay, says the project showcases engineering solutions to common problems.

“We are proud to be recognising engineering feats which are contributing to environmental concerns. Not simply recognising engineers who build bridges and buildings, the awards recognise engineers who solve many problems across a diverse range of industries affecting our communities.”

The winners of the Sydney Engineering Excellence Award will be announced on Friday 19 September at the Westin, Sydney.

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