• Avalanche sweeps through Nepal’s Mustang region
    Avalanche sweeps through Nepal’s Mustang region

Avalanches in the Himalaya are not uncommon, but the one that struck yesterday in Napal’s Mustang region was terrifying.

And someone in its path managed to record it on video while running for safety.

The avalanche occurred on Tukuche Peak (also known as Manapathi), not far from Dhaulagiri.

It blew downslope with so much force that soared over the front ranges to the valleys below, forcing people in nearby villages to flee.

In Kobang village, at least 11 people were injured, not by the avalanche itself, but by falls that they took as they stampeded away, local media reported.

Teachers and kids in a local school rushed from their classrooms as the snow tsunami barreled toward them.

The avalanche (or more likely, the accompanying shockwave) snapped trees and ripped a number of roofs off in the Thasang area.

Police are now on the scene and have confirmed that no people were in the area swept by the avalanche.

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