• Lambretta Tuk Tuk Camper
    Lambretta Tuk Tuk Camper

The Lambretta Tuk Tuk Camper, as its name implies, is a camper based on a vintage Lambretta three-wheel scooter - those noisy modes of transport you see in pretty much ever Asian city.

While it might not be the most practical family vacation vehicle, it stands out for being a most impressive display of talent. It is a beauty, put it simply.

Tuk tuk campers, bike trailers, and all kinds of builds that are then welded on small-engine scooters or attached to bicycles do exist, and they’re more popular than you might be tempted to believe.

But as autoevolution.com says: "As a rule, they’re more curiosities than actual RVs, for all the obvious reasons: even if they do offer RV-like amenities like a sleeping berth, a kitchenette, or features for a decent Netflix-and-chill-kind of evening, they’re underpowered, unstable, and very cramped."

Still, some people love the idea of a Tuk Tuk campervan. Check out the below video

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