• How to perform CPR
    How to perform CPR

Imagine being on a cycle ride and seeing someone collapse on the path ahead. This is what happened to Bryan Buckley and his friend Isang Isang, who sped to the aid of the stricken bushwalker on a trail in the US.

The bushwalker, Christopher Holton, took a few gasps for air and his heart stopped beating. Buckley began CPR while Isang called for the police.

Buckley already had been monitoring Holton's pulse by keeping a finger on his wrist. At this point, it faded. Buckley started the stopwatch function on his smartwatch, then began giving chest compressions. The timer was important because once paramedics arrived, he could tell them how long he'd been at it.

Numerous passers-by gathered, one of whom also knew CPR, so Buckley asked her to show the others what to do so they could take it in turns before the ambulance arrived.

When it did, Holton was loaded onto the ambulance and driven away. Fortunately, it was good news for Holton who made a full recovery.

Could you perform CPR on someone? In a home? On a road? Or even more challenging, in the wilderness?

Watch this 3min video and we encourage everyone to do a first-aid course to know the basics.

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