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Meet some of your judges for our Wilderness Photographer of the Year presented by Mountain Designs.

Brent McKean
Brent has been the editor of Great Walks since its inception 17 years ago. He has travelled to and photographed around 50 countries, and his photos and stories have appeared in multiple publications.

Julie Fletcher
Julie is a passionate landscape photographer who also enjoys the challenge of wildlife photography. She has been shooting for over 10 years and is passionate about teaching and helping others through her workshops in several locations in Australia.

Mike Edmondson
Mike has been a backcountry guide, professional photographer & cross-country ski instructor for over 35 years. Specialising in Kosciuszko NP where he leads photography, snow camping adventures & Australia’s Ten Highest Peaks walks. Mike also has an extensive photographic online gallery.

Steph Vella
Steph is a passionate travel, landscape and portrait photographer based in Sydney. She is constantly in awe of the natural beauty we have all around us and has made it her mission to see, capture and share as much of it as she can.

Mike O'Connor
Mike is the editor of Australian Photography, Great Walks' sister publication. He is responsible for managing its print and online presence and running its numerous photography competitions.

Jayne Fletcher
Janyne is also an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. Her contemporary and creative photography has earned her a number of nationally and internationally recognised distinctions.

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