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Great Walks' Wilderness Photographer of the Year, presented by Mountain Designs, is looking for breathtaking photos of the great outdoors.

Now in its fourth year, the competition is open to Australian and New Zealand photographers and offers a prize pool worth more than $19,500, including $5,000 cash and $14,500 in prizes.

Images can be captured in wilderness areas anywhere around the world and the best images (including Winners, Runners-Up and the Top 10 in each category) will be featured in Great Walks magazine (February-March 2025), and at greatwalks.com.au

Click the category images below to see images that have been entered so far and enter your own images.

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There are three categories in Wilderness Photographer of the Year: Places, People and Nature.

PLACES: We're looking for your best landscape photos of wilderness areas. Think sweeping panoramas and dramatic horizons, spectacular coastlines and photogenic mountains.

PEOPLE: In this category we want to see photos of people experiencing wilderness areas. If there's one or more people in the frame, this is the category for you.

NATURE: Focus on flora and fauna. Think kangaroos and wallabies, birds, wildflowers and beetles, mushrooms and orchids. From the micro to the macro! 

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